Day 35. Outside of the box

Day 35. Outside of the box

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Outside of box definition according to Canbridge.

“Outside of box is to think imaginatively using new ideas instead of traditional or expected ideas”


In order to do this, someone need to think outside of their usual mindset.

By doing that, they realize their current mindset is not working. Embracing the new ideas is the best idea, especially if it comes from your ideas, not from other people.

I find it really hard for me to do that, because currently I am not really sure whether I should leave my old mindset and embracing the new one, unknown one. I always afraid of unknown thing, unknown road, and uncertainty.

But by keep holding to this mindset, I am not really going anywhere, I am stuck.

How is the solution then?

Embracing the new way and also ditching the old ways that didn’t work out.

Put your faith in yourself and the universe

Keep walking and doing the best what you can.

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